Are you feeling lost? Confused?
Do you know how to quiet your mind?

You’re Not Crazy!  You’re Awakening!

Hello Friend,

I’m Dr. Edwige, a Metaphysical Practitioner, Light Body Mentor and author of You’re Not Crazy You’re Awakening: Journey to discovering your soul purpose, joy and abundant life. 

Within me is the essence of the Cosmic Mother helping to usher in the Golden Age.  Can you conceive of living in a body halfway between the physical realms and light, where it does not decay but instead becomes a shimmering mass that is the blueprint for the immortal physical body that will come into being?

I have prepared monthly webinars to help you move forward from wherever you are today toward where you aspire to be and into your Light Body!  Register for my free gift of two webinars to see how I work and to establish that,  Yes!  I can be of help to you.

Before you register, we highly encourage you to watch the video above in its entirety, so you can understand fully how it’s possible that I can assist you to move forward from where you are right now into your Light Body!

What Can You Expect?

You will Unlock the door to unlimited possibilities, Reprogram your Subconscious Mind, Connect to your Higher-Self, Raise your energetic vibration and frequency, Master the art of Forgiveness, for yourself and others, Regain your spiritual gifts of intuition and knowing, Heal your inner child, Learn to Trust the signs of synchronicity, Begin to make a positive impact in the world and step into your power, Awaken the Light Within, Transmute, Transform, Transfigure yourself, your life, your dreams!

Dr. Edwige Bilocates:  The photograph on the left was taken with a digital phone camera and captured Dr. Edwige bilocating.

Whether you want to improve a certain area of your life, such as determining your spiritual path, shrugging off negative thoughts or making prosperity second nature the Lightbody Academy can help.
You and I are on a journey. Everyone we know are on the journey. Each moment we receive guidance – our intuition prompts us. Our dreams tell us when, how, where – do we listen?
Our higher road awaits. When will we step upon that road and continue on to our best self-experience? The one we chose before our earthly birth? We have choices!



  • Anyone with a negative image of self
  • Anyone having difficulty quieting their mind
  • Anyone stuck in old patterns of lack, fear, guilt, doubt
  • Anyone not living as their authentic self
  • Anyone wanting to awaken the light within


  • Make a positive impact in your life and the world around you
  • Reprogram your subconscious mind
  • Unlock the door to unlimited possibilities
  • Become a conscious creator
  • Raise your light quotient

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How Do We Connect?

It may not be clearly visible on the web page but when the photo on the right was snapped we saw an orb hovering in front of my face!

I am sitting in my home office and this is how we will connect – online in the webinar. Me with my headphones and you either on your telephone or on your computer (you might have your headphones on too :).

I have found that doing group work online with people from all over the world very expedient for moving us all forward in a powerful way!

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What they say about working with Dr. Edwige…

“Hi Dr. Edwige, Update! I was one of the callers you worked with during the ‘Awakening Heart Network’. I’m the woman who had watched some creature go into my head. You cleared it out of me. I have not had the regular migraine attack now for 25 days! To say I am hopeful and elated is an understatement! Thank you so much! “ – Cindy
“Just dropping a line to say Thank You for working with me on Wednesday. The experience was eye-opening and profound. I AM much lighter in my body and move with definite joy and excitement. While I continue to consciously go through life’s moments I feel that everything is just another slide in a divine movie. I have been opening my heart to family members who are going through their own stuff, bearing in mind that the story is not mine to direct. “ – Collette
“I continue to feel calm and centered as well as something I’ve not felt in over 65 years…whole! You have been blessed with an incredible gift and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your gift with me. ” – Ellie
“My dear new friend. I just wished to tell you how wonderful you are. I meet many who (in our line of work) who wish to change the world, not many are as sincere as they would like others to believe. Yet you sweetheart, you I can feel, you I can sense, you precious Edwige have a truly beautiful soul that doesn’t run on ego, yet runs with simple truths. Inspire the world beautiful lady” – b
“During my session I experienced a heartfelt connection and an elegant metamorphosis. As a psychic I got to watch what Dr Edwige and her team in Spirit as they were working. I watched as the old neuron networks dismantled and new wiring and encodements applied, parts of my DNA lit up. It was quite remarkable. I felt quite blessed by the experience.” – Reyna
“Mahalo Nui Loa! Dr. Edwige I AM GRATEFUL FOR what you have worked on today on the call. The synchronization of getting your email is Awesome! Dr. Edwige knew where to go immediately all morning I was in pain and my solar plexus felt very dense. A lot of resistance was really released today. BE in YOUR JOY!” – Kapiolani
“OMG!! Dr. EDWIGE WAS ASTOUNDING!!!! She was on fire from the moment the call started! Her compassion and love and amazing energy work took us all to another plane of healing and miracles. She took us through the most profound activation that I have ever experienced and she released so much resistance and negativity for everyone. She then left us in an extremely powerful place where we could create any positive outcome from. Listen in and experience this amazing call and see for yourself!!!” – Kay
“Thank you, I eagerly awaited this! The healing yesterday was astounding. I had to lie down and go back to sleep this morning because the cells in my body were literally vibrating at a low but powerful frequency. That is all good, but more importantly I WAS IN MY BODY TO FEEL IT! (It’s still buzzing by the way) And as usual a large chuck of energy come out of my upper forehead between the 6th and 7th chakras, I believe. Will be in touch…thank you so much!” Love and Light,` Jada
“I had an incredibly powerful phone session with Dr. Edwige and look forward to greater clearing and opening and higher vibrations!” – Lori
“My dear Dr. Edwige

Thank you for my virtual kick in the pant…Oh my goodness this after our first session. I just went outside and my vision improved like everything is so crystal clear the colors of the grass and sky are vibrant ALIVE! Wow thank you! Your gift is AMAZING we will connect again my sweet beautiful friend. Love and continued blessings always.” – Annette

The Call was Just Divine! The Transmission Powerful and so Intensive: And the new language! Oh My Goodness…..I have no words to describe …Oh my…!!!
Some time I felt the Language speak to my heart and I filled with so much love, so much appreciation, so much beauty and more! I was able to listen with my heart and to see all this Divine Beauty through you or through your heart. I hope it makes sense…The language does not help me to convey ………I also was able to see the different colors as I was listening to Light Language…and able to clear more. How blessed we are that we have you here now….Sending you so much love and appreciation.” – Erietta

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What’s in it for me? How can this webinar enhance my life?

You and I are on a journey. Everyone we know are on the jouney. Each moment we receive guidance – our intuition prompts us. Our dreams tell us when, how, where – do we listen? Our higher road awaits. When will we step upon that road and continue on to our best self experience? The one we chose before our earthly birth? We have choices!

The words you find on this page boil up from the depths of my heart and soul . I am here to guide you in real time to your chosen path – I am here to help you break out of your cocoon. I am here to transform you into the butterfly.

You are the one that must CHOOSE to go down this road.

Is NOW right for me to take charge of my life?

I offer you the opportunity to  raise your consciousness on a consistent scheduled basis to build the momentum needed to create a masterful life!   Discover how a monthly dose of raised consciousness can make you  sparkle and shine!

Experience the stunning healing and transformational gifts that I hold space for as the Cosmic Mother – let the Cosmic Mother  speak her ancient language of Light to you directly.    Understand that we as spiritual beings in the process of  remembering must become aware that our desired reality already exists  – it is waiting for us to acknowledge, embrace and live  it!

Let go of the subconscious blocks you were  programmed with either in this life or past lives.  The conditioning you received determines the nature of your beliefs and whether they serve or sabotage you.  Is it  time for you to start living the life you want and make a positive impact in the world while you  step into your power?

Discussions in the  90 minute webinar each month help you to collect and gather the tools  that will move you to higher vibrational levels.   Questions are answered and solutions to common ascension symptoms will be found.

You will experience energy lifts and calibrations that encourage you to:

  1. Get off auto pilot, Learn how to get unstuck, Heal your inner child
  2. Master the art of forgiveness for self and others, Regain your spiritual gifts of intuition and knowing
  3. Increase your creativity and ability to find creative solutions
  4.  Shed psychological trauma and deeply ingrained false programs, Release unproductive mental programs
  5. Clear karma from all dimensions and all lives, Break free from the 3D re-incarnation wheel.

NOW might be the right time for you!

It is time to shed the old you and move past your fear of losing yourself in the awakening. Surrender and allow yourself to expand and become all that the Divine has for you.  This webinar series will help you better navigate the Ascension process.   Understand that  You’re Not Crazy, You’re Awakening!

Finally . . .a question or two for you!

Do you ever wonder if the world you perceive is an illusion…or a shared dream?

Has it ever occurred to you that you may have actually chosen your current circumstances?

Do you wonder how you arrived at this place, why you chose this particular journey or struggle? Do you sometimes even (deep down) feel somehow GUILTY about that choice?

Have you ever noticed that almost every problem you have is rooted in your mind? That the same basic patterns “happen to you” over and over and over again?

Do you have blocks that manifest as physical illness or limiting beliefs?

Do you feel separated from becoming your God-self realized?

Do you want to contribute to the shift currently occurring on Mother Earth?

Register for my Free Webinar