Audio Casts

The audios included here are from interviews Dr. Edwige did when she hosted her internet show

“Affirmations For Living”.  

They are based on a wide range of information and we are delighted to present these  teachings to you.

Abundance Prosperity
Inter Dimensional Beings
Take 10 years off your Face
      Take Ten Years Off Your Face
Transformations – Reprogram Thoughts
      Transformations - Rev Dr Edwige Bingue
Evolution of Man – Awakening Process
      Evolution of Man-dr edwige
Levels of Heaven Souls in Spirit World
      Levels of Heaven
Ego Prevent Sabotage
      EGO Compressed
Follow your heart emotions perception
What is Consciousness
 Expand your Awareness in Awakening
What do Dreams Mean
Clearing Past Life Karma
Dr Edwige Audio casts include shows on affirmations, abundance, prosperity, heaven, and consciousness