One Day Gathering

July 21, 2018

Las Vegas


A NEW DAY IS DAWNING AND THE DAUGHTERS OF Light are being beckoned to come together once more. The Higher-Self of your being, your own God-Self, is a glorious, great intelligent, powerful being of unlimited perfection, splendor and limitless potential. This is who you truly are. Your third-dimensional life on Earth reflects only a very small portion of this truth.

It is time to move out of separation and duality consciousness into wholeness. You do not need to leave the body to experience Oneness, just leave the Fear. In the times we are living it is our greatest opportunity and gift to be able to complete this in our body, and in this way to become the Light, rather than to connect with the Light.

This Retreat has been designed to: aid in the integration of the new energies of our day and time, including the new energy we are experiencing in this current part of space we are traveling through called “The Photon Belt”. I will help you integrate as much of this energy into your being as possible and move you forward in a powerful way!

To return to your true form: Light. My goal is for you to become a master of yourself and your molecules, to rejuvenate and awaken you to your eternal presence.

Your body is your vehicle for this journey here on Earth. If you choose to honor yourself and all others in a state of Love, Acceptance, and Joy in whatever you experience in Life then all experiences will be easy and flow. You activate your cellular memory to its divinity and become your body of Light.

You no longer resonate at the lower density of matter and duality but in the heightened frequencies of Light and Your multi-dimensional self.

Can you conceive of living in a body halfway between the physical realms and light, where it does not decay but instead becomes a shimmering mass – that my friend is the blueprint for the immortal physical body that will come into being!   

In Our Time Together You Will Experience


I have found myself practicing “You are my beloved, I open my heart to you.” in the mirror, in my head, and it’s lovely..

-Lee R.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful message with each and every one of us. What a magical day filled with transformations from the inside out.

I am honored to have been there in your presence …..

-Taleen S.

I needed to this! You sent this right on time & I’m so thankful for you!

Words can’t even express.!

-Ashley K

I Really felt my heart chakra open wide. So much love,

-Robbie T.