These Retreats are designed to aid in the integration of the new energies of our day and time, To bring you into a total state of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social well-being,  and to Re-entrain you to your true vibration of Unconditional Love!

In-Person Meet-ups

I am Deeply Committed to Providing you with practical body, mind, and spirit principles and tools that will enrich your daily life and help you gain insight, clarity and a deeper sense of purpose all in a way that produces powerful results. You will discover what works best for you and you’ll learn how to leave the baggage behind!

Upcoming Interviews

Tune in to Live interviews, and the best of Replays as Dr. Edwige is always bringing in new energies, codes, and wisdom from beyond.


I’ve created monthly webinars to help you move forward from wherever you are today toward where you aspire to be and into your Light Body! You will Unlock the door to unlimited possibilities! Transmute, Transform, Transfigure yourself, your life, your dreams!