Do you believe that you can achieve whatever goal need or desire you have?

You see the word have in this instance means that when you firmly believe in your mind of your ability to have, then the mind which is one with the part of the universal mind of the Creator will give the universal mind a picture of what is desired. And through this the full power of the all creative mind of God, which is in and through all things will draw to you whatever you desire, while at the same time you will be drawn to it.

Doubts in your own abilities, possibilities, and destiny for good and happiness comes from having accepted false suggestions from an unaware society (false programming) that says you stand apart from this universal mind. So bringing one’s mind, self-image, and mental attitude into a state of divinity with the reality of the mind and your true selfhood will generate the power confidence and divine intuitive direction needed for anything that you wish to accomplish in your life. As we serve the Creator with our thoughts and mental attitude the Creator in turn serves us by channeling higher wisdom, creativity, power and direction into our mind, giving us all we need to convince ourselves that indeed we can be successful.

How do we accept these false programs and suggestions: by what we allow in. What you watch on TV or read or listen to is very important, because your subconscious can take it as your truth. Also we can falsely believe that based on your background you are limited as to the type of person that you can attract, or that medicine is the only sure way to heal a physical condition.

If your thinking has gotten you into a rut, now is the time to strip away all notion of limitation from your mind, so that good can reach you. And in doing this you will begin to create a mental atmosphere that leaves the universal mind of the Creator freedom to reach you with good. Your mind throughout your entire life is forever one with the universal Creator part of your mind. You must tap into it, allowing the flow to begin.

Don’t allow yourself to think that if one thing for you doesn’t work that your life is through or that the doors of opportunity have closed for you. Because when you remain positive you know that any false image of lack and limitation is only temporary.

Always be aware that your every thought becomes part of the universal Creator mind which sets into motion certain laws that will eventually materialize or manifest your thoughts. Therefore guarding your thoughts is in truth guarding and controlling your life.

As the universal mind possesses all within itself, it is the ultimate source of prosperity, and through your declared oneness with it, you will attract prosperity to you!