Through Spiritual Mentoring you can begin to uncover and connect to your full potential which has been hiding inside of you all along! Step-by-step you will be guided into mastery of your life.

Whether you want to improve a certain area, such as determining your spiritual life path, shrugging off negative events that seem to occur daily, making prosperity second nature, and bringing your physical body back into alignment of health and well-being or ready for light code activations and integration of your soul, Light body and future self.

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Book a Session With Dr. Edwige!

This is your chance to raise your consciousness on a regular basis and build the momentum needed to create a masterful life! Discover how a monthly dose of raised consciousness can let it shine forever.

Experience the amazing healing and transformational gifts that Dr. Edwige holds and is here to share with humanity as the Divine Aspect of Creator speaks an ancient language of Light through her.

Understand that we as spiritual beings in the process of “remembering” must know that our desired reality already exist right in front of us. It is already there waiting.

Each one hour session is designed specific to your needs and includes energy clearings, calibrations and activations while providing  you with unique lessons created to bring out your full potential and understanding of the AWAKENING process. You will receive tools and techniques to use daily that will help  keep you at your highest vibration thus clearing the way for your LIGHTBODY and unlocking the door to unlimited possibilities.

Each 30 minute session is designed to continue the process of clearing specific to your needs whether you have emotional blocks, imprints from past life karma, old contracts and vows still holding you back from reaching your true potential. Each session will peel away another layer bringing you into the flow of Source and raising your frequencies for light and DNA activations.

This time is designed to begin the process of uncovering your blocks, resistance and help you unlock your God potential



Reprogram your subconscious mind, Improve Intuition and your Wealth Attraction. Book a Session with Dr Edwige. Refunds are not available