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Are You Ready To Step Into Your Divine Power And Shine?


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To become a clear channel so that your Light Body can move in with grace and ease?

I am honored to be able to share with you the many powerful and life changing tools, practices and techniques I have been gifted with from my spiritual guides. In this experiential workshop you will learn that everything is energy, including Universal Creator or by any other name that you might identify or called IT; “God”, “Allah”, “Jehovah”, “source”, or the “oneness” as an infinite ocean. This workshop will help you connect to your higher energy body by helping you move through the stages of consciousness removing blocks, opening new pathways, activating your DNA and raising your frequencies of light so that you can connect in to the higher frequencies of Universal Creator thus clearing a path for the connection of your Soul and Light Body.

Your Lightbody is a gridwork of light and sacred geometry that brings together your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being. This body radiates light energy and electromagnetically links your multidimensional self with the infinite universe.

It’s not by accident that you are here. Are you ready to let your light shine!

Two-Day workshop you will learn to:

Consciousness Dr Edwige
What is consciousness and why is it important to understand it?


You will learn how to come into the awareness of who you are, the real purpose of your soul, and to become a conscious thinker, how to stop living on auto-pilot, and discover the tools to unlocking the keys to a purpose driven life!

Connect to your Higher Self – Power to Create
How to connect to your Higher-Self and bring in your soul as a partner to create your reality, and understand why this is important for your happiness?

Discover the tools to awakening the master in you, for you have the power to create your own identity based on a position of power, intent and consciousness. How knowing the true purpose of your soul can magically produce all that you’ve been seeking!

Release old programs from Subconscious
How to release old programs from your subconscious and beyond?

Learn to clear the false programming, and discover what it feels like to break free. Learn easy, effective techniques for quieting the mind which will allow you to listen to your soul. Understand the central cause of suffering, and how to reverse it.

Universe energy Positive Thoughts
The energy behind the Universe

Why being positive matters understanding the power of words. How to establish positive thought patterns. Learn how to overcome negative chatter, and how to cancel it as quickly as possible. Why you may often feel that life is difficult and complicated, and how you can make a shift in consciousness that will allow life to always work with you, instead of against you. Real life tools and true techniques to expand, transmute and transform your life.

Clearings and activations

This workshop is very experiential with clearings, calibrations and activations that will leave you feeling lighter, renewed and tuned in to your Higher-Self.

Raise your vibration and frequency
Raising your vibration

In closing understanding that as we continue to practice raising our vibration so too does our frequency continue to rise allowing us to connect into Universal Creator frequency and the connection of your light body and I AM Presence.

The time is NOW! Take action. Move into your AUTHENTIC Self and Create the life you are dreaming of today!


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Dr Edwige Workshops include Removing blocks, DNA acivation, Body Mind Spirit and Sacred Geometry