You’re Not Crazy You’re Awakening


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We have chosen our own journey. For many, this alone is difficult to comprehend and believe. But, it is true. Whether a conscious choice or unconscious, we choose our circumstances. If you desire to create change in your life, or completely change the direction that your life is going, the choice is yours. The power is completely in your hands, or better, your consciousness. Intimately and without restraints, Dr. Edwige describes some of her personal experiences that impacted her life journey in significant ways. Some of these events were painful, some may seem to be bizarre- even outlandish. But, they happened. This book will change your perspective about every aspect of your life, with clear and simple techniques to expand your vision of life and how you are going about it. After reading this book and putting these easy methods into regular practice, it is inevitable that your life will change. Your consciousness will be transformed. You will become very clear about your purpose: and will do it with ease and grace. And best of all you will know that you were never crazy because you will be awakened!


“Dr. Edwige  through her book, has become my spiritual mentor! This book has given me the courage, confidence, and strength to continue my awakening and spiritual journey. It gives me evidence that I am not alone and most importantly, I am not going crazy! This book has helped me improve my meditation, my way of canceling out negative energy, and my outlook on life. Her story has inspired me on so many levels! I know I’ve met her before in a previous lifetime and I look forward to meeting her again in this lifetime!”

“This is an amazing book. I plan to re-read again and again. The entire book gives the reader profound, informative answers to questions I have pondered for many years. Thank you again.”

“I found this book resonated with me. Dr. Edwidge is a highly gifted spiritual teacher, providing encouragement along our individual spiritual paths. I ate this book up!”

“Excellent information for the spiritual seeker who is awakening. Fast delivery. Good seller. Thanks.”


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