Have you ever looked into a little baby’s eyes? What you see looking back at you is Infinity. You discover yourself looking at a being that has it all together.

We were all like that once:

This is a simple model of what our Spiritual Nature (called the Soul) is. The little ego, which is the beginning of a personality or sense of individuality, does not have much to do and therefore does not interfere with the sense of Spirit within.

The Spirit is the leading energy here. This integration of Soul and ego is what Jesus was talking about when he told us to become as ‘little children.’ He was encouraging us to enter back into that state of harmony and integration but to do it consciously. In other words, Jesus asked us to be “born again.” He told us to be born again into this integrated awareness of the dominance of the Soul over the ego and to do that in such a way that we are conscious of it. The little baby is very well integrated with the Soul leading the way, but the baby is not conscious of that integration. It is simply in its natural state. We as adults are asked to enter into that state of in


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