Evolution through Reincarnation



The evolution of the soul has one goal, to experience and grow from those experiences until the soul has learned all it set out to learn. Some souls choose to recall certain aspects, talents or skills learned in past lives that will aid in the current incarnation. Many believe child prodigies are such souls who have conscious and subconscious recall of skills learned in previous lifetimes. The personality, gender, and looks may change from one incarnation to another, but the soul is always the same soul.

The word “reincarnation” literal meaning is, “entering the flesh again “and we have entered it many times learning many lessons along the way. In hopes of becoming masters and for the opportunity to graduate! Well, this is it this is our time to graduate.

You may be asking yourself why do a lesson on Reincarnation? The answer being, for those souls who are here doing the work to release the old and clear a way for our Higher-Self and our Lightbodies the reincarnation wheel into 3D is ending!


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