Mastery of Physical Body


The focus:

Understand the body as consciousness and energy, bringing awareness to all the basic requirements like eating, vitality, generating internal power, or life force. Create a better relationship with the body and be more attuned to its communications.


Most people think of the body as the mechanism which allows us to take physical action, but it is also the container for our mind, emotion, and spirit. It is designed to support us in experiencing the joys of life, but without proper care or guidance, we instead experience fatigue, addictions, and dis-ease. We lack the ability to fully embrace our divine physical selves.

Your body is the starting point from which your life unfolds.  Therefore you must have mastery over your own body before you can have mastery over anything else. That means to at least develop a beginning level of mastery over your appetites, requirements, sexual urges, sleep habits, addictions and so on in service to the soul or Higher Self.


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