Mastery of Spiritual-Self/ The Art of Letting Go


The focus:

What it means to become a Spiritual Master and how to Let Go and Let God!


As Divine beings we are here to embody the spirit that we serve, to become a living expression of that spirit. To understand and master the relationship between man-woman, woman-man and the Universal-God: to discover the real nature of consciousness.

It is living one’s life from the realization that the body/mind/ego personality that we have been programmed to identify with is just the tip of the iceberg, it’s like our tiny head popping out from under the covers, whereas our true body is the vast universe. It is understanding that our perceived world is mostly an illusion, a shared dream that we are all asleep in, and that the goal of life is to awake to our real Self which is vast and multidimensional—and is already connected with all of creation, and waiting for us to connect to it.

As we search to know ourselves, we can at times become sidetracked or even disillusioned, then life will often create chaos in order to bring us back into harmony or alignment with our real or soul-self, so that we may continue down our path to enlightenment.

And just when you think you have reached the pinnacle of your awakening, it happens: the darkest night of the soul or the letting go. In relation to the initiations of ascension it’s defined as Renunciation.

This usually emerges after a spiritual aspirant has attained a lot of spiritual knowledge or growth. This is because the ego is now being called out for what it is and it tightens its grips on you to hide you from the light that you are.


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