Chakra Clearing and Activation Meditation




Chakras are wheel shaped energy vortexes inside of us. There are 7 major chakras aligned along the  spinal column  that  we  mostly  know  and  hear  about.  In  addition  there  are  also  chakras  8 through 13 which exist and are combined to help us access higher realms during the ascension process. These  vortexes  or  energy  wheels  spin  clockwise  and  draw  on  all  energy  coming  from  our environment. This helps us understand the energies we encounter. An example of this would be like,  meeting  someone  new and  instantly  being  attracted  or  repelled  by  the  energy  exchange between you even before introductions happen. Or being in the company of a person everyone likes  to  be  around because  they  are naturally  positive.  Balanced open  chakras  help to  awaken your spiritual gifts. The chakra system is also linked to spiritual laws and lessons in life and any disturbance could interrupt energetic  flow  and  cause  imbalances  in  our  spiritual,  mental etheric  and  physical bodies.  Learning  basic  survival  skills,  or  not  being  able  to  forgive  others  and  holding  lifelong grudges  are  just  a  few  examples  of  actions  that  can  cause  blockages  in  a  specific  chakra  if  we are unable to master the lessons associated with each one. In  this  meditation  we  will  open,  clear,  calibrate  and  align  your  chakras  strengthen  your connection  to  your  higher  self  and  expand  you  into  higher  consciousness.  Once  balanced  and the correct energy flows between the vortexes and within the chakra system the activation of your  DNA  and  genetic  coding’s  will  begin  in  preparation  for  further  connection  with  your Lightbody and I AM Presence (Monad).