Energy Clearing Meditation


Emotional clearing is a very important part of ascension. 



Emotional clearing is a very important part of ascension. It is the process of releasing the effects of  the  emotional  wounds  we  unknowingly  store  within  us  from  our  environment,  relationship conflicts,  negative  thought  patterns,  poverty  consciousness, current  life  and  even  past  life traumas are things we need to clear. Without regular clearing practices we could end up with an overload of negative energies that would eventually cause many illnesses in the body. Heart disease, cancers, allergies, high blood pressure,  and  asthma  are  some  conditions  that  can  be  experienced  from the  overload  of negative  low  frequency  energies. This  also  includes blockages  that  would  further  prevent  us from being able to continuously hold higher vibrations or ascend into higher dimensions. Now  that  you  know  the  importance  of  clearing,  take  a  look  at  the  benefits  of following this clearing meditation  as  it  supports  the  releasing  of energies,  traumas and all the  layers  of emotions not serving you at this time.  Discover  more  clarity  in  decision  making. Release  negative  emotions  and  strengthen your etheric body  against  attacks  or  weakening  from environmental  experiences  and  energetic exchanges.


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