I have developed the Light Body Academy based on what I have learned in the years of working with my team of Angels, Cosmic Beings, and Christed Extraterrestrials.

If this resonates with you, it is because you are aware that you are a soul and have a higher self and would like to strengthen your connection to that part of you. You may feel that you have a mission, something that you’re supposed to be doing, yet you don’t know what it is. Or perhaps you find yourself becoming sensitive to people’s energies, and you would like to understand your choices in those exchanges. We are on earth for a reason, you can either spend a lifetime trying to determine what life is all about or, you can get to the business of living life with intention and clarity.

From time to time you receive an opportunity to take the next step in the process of awakening…
Will you accept it THIS TIME…or let it pass you by?
There’s a Light Within You. It Wants to Burst Out!

You’re not crazy. You’re just awakening!
Now You Can Transform your Soul Too!
Let it Shine Forever!

Discover How a Monthly Dose of Raised Consciousness Can Let it Shine Forever!

Listen, You are NOT here by accident… You are MEANT to be here.

I truly believe that nothing in life happens by accident… What about you? You are on a journey right now. We all are.

And every moment you make a choice about whether to follow the signs and take a fork to a higher road or whether to remain on the road you’re on already.

Today, you may choose

Today, you may choose the second option…again.

I want to express that the words you find on this page boil up from the depths of my heart and soul (from even deeper than that)… And within them lies the POWER to guide you onto a new path.

• Anyone with a negative image of self
• Anyone having difficulty quieting their mind
• Anyone stuck in old patterns of lack, fear, guilt, doubt
• Anyone not living as their authentic self
• Anyone wanting to awaken the light within



To finally transform you into the butterfly… And at your own soul’s pace…

You Are The ONLY ONE Who Can Choose To Do It!

Before I tell you how I can help you move to a higher level of being, I have a few questions for you…

Do you ever wonder if the world you perceive is an illusion…or a shared dream?

Has it ever occurred to you that you may have actually chosen your current circumstances?

Do you wonder how you arrived at this place, why you chose this particular journey or struggle?

Do you sometimes even (deep down) feel somehow GUILTY about that choice?

Today is a special day for you. An opportunity to finally find answers

And if you have blocks that manifest as physical illness or limiting beliefs…

If you feel separated from becoming your God-self realized…

Or if you just want to contribute to the shift currently occurring on Mother Earth…

Then, this may be the most eye-opening thing you read in this lifetime…

Here’s the Most Important Message You Need at This Stage of Your Journey.

 Here’s What You Can Expect to find as a member of  



  • Access the tools you need to prepare for the new divine template and bring on a full integration of your soul and Lightbody!
  • Overcome negative thought patterns, move through fear and doubt, and get off of Auto-Pilot so you can start living consciously!
  • Learn the Metaphysical and Spiritual principles that guided me to my purpose of being a portal for beings all over this Earth – and that continue to guide me now!
  • Gain a permanent soul connection so you can break away from the old programs of separation and realign with your Soul Purpose and direction at all times!
  • Get unstuck from poverty consciousness and prosper by tapping into Truth!
  • Remove blocks and reprogram your subconscious…Raise your vibration anytime you want to!
  • Establish self-direction through the discovery of tapping into Divine-Consciousness.
  • Energy as thoughts and words are vibrating to the psychic field returning, that which is a match. What are you creating?
  • How to release old programs of lack and limitation that have been holding you back from creating with clear intention and purpose.
  • How to open all channels of your God-mind allowing for transformation to the new you.
  • How to move beyond fear and victimhood, expanding your inner awareness into ease and self-love.
  • Establish a positive attitude (why this matters), how to eliminate negative thought patterns, and master the energy and power of your words.
  • Let go of self-judgment, and regret transforming your perceived obstacles into opportunities, and becoming the powerful co- creator you truly are!




Take the next step in the process of awakening your Lightbody and become a conscious creator!

Sign Up For Your Monthly Membership and Begin the Evolution Now!

We offer three membership levels so that you may work at your own pace

Each offers  step by step approaches to clearing negative patterns, connecting you to the flow, helping you recognize guidance when it comes, learning to live and create from your heart space, and discovering your soul’s purpose. You will begin to integrate higher conscious experiences into your everyday life, improving your one-to-one connection to God-Self, and clearing the way for the integration of your soul, Light body and I AM Presence.



Your light body is an energy body made out of light particles. It is a gridwork of light and sacred geometry that brings together your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being. This body radiates light energy and electromagnetically links your multidimensional self with the infinite universe. It connects you to your encoded data through high electrical currents that assist you in translating and manifesting your hidden talents and your soul purpose. As you activate, build and integrate your Lightbody, your molecular structure gets reorganized, allowing your body to be less dense and freer to express itself with the source of the universe. As we have moved into the Aquarian age, we have an opportunity to transform from dense matter to light energy. Attaining the light body means returning to your source, that is, the source of life power. We often ask what can one person do to impact change in the world? The more people can awaken their light body, or have more light in their body, the less suffering there will be in the world! Your light body enables you to change less harmonious energies into positive ones. As you begin the process of integration, your light body will open doorways to higher realms of light, such as the soul plane. You will be able to stay centered and live from a space of love and compassion. You will be able to add light to all you think, say and do. This awakening will assist you in opening your channel upward, and connect with the Universal Mind. As you make these connections, your state of consciousness reveals your soul’s desires, moving you into the art of being! All spiritual growth is a process of unfolding consciousness, and as you awaken your light body and grow spiritually, you will still have challenges and lessons that are opportunities for growth. However, as you become more radiant and filled with light, you will have more skills to move through these lessons with greater ease and joy. My goal, my hope for you is that at the end of journey together, not only will you light body have integrated into you, and you gain the ability to ground these energies, so that you can manifest the life you desire, but that you will be a light so bright the world will be transformed!


You don’t have to worry that you’re going anywhere. You do not need to disappear or become a ghost. You will be enveloped by a loving, healing light and you will exude this loving healing light. I have found that this light can heal you, your family, your community, and the world. By being light you can accomplish your goals easier because all of life will flow. Your family will not be left behind but be positively affected by the transformation.


Because this is the time and we are the ones we’ve been waiting for. As we have reached the dawning of a new day. What does it look like for you? For you see you are the creator of it. Do you have the vision to create powerful moments each and every day of your life? Are you ready to stand up and be the change that you’ve been waiting for? Are you ready to go within, deep within to those places you’ve been hiding from? Because only there can true change manifest. You have the power to create and manifest the life you want, to live with true purpose, and to be one with your soul. As we heed the calling of a new day, I know you hear the word “Lightworker” and you grimace thinking, “Not me! I don’t have any special gifts, in fact, my life is in shambles.” But, I say you are the gift and it is time to stand tall and let your light shine brightly, and to love and embrace yourself completely, as the pure and perfect reflection of God. As your light shines, it will lead the way for another, and together our light will be so bright that no one will be able to deny that a new day has indeed come!





  • Created for beginners on the path of awakening -You’ll access:
  • Two audio recordings every month that are based on life-changing Metaphysical and Spiritual Principles. Each recording lasts about 60 minutes and will be on a specific subject key to your spiritual growth.
  • For example, a recent session covered the 7 States and 10 Stages of Consciousness.
  • Each month, you’ll have access to new lessons about the information, tools, techniques, and energy transmissions that raise and expand consciousness, increase your vibration, and awaken the light within.





  • Created as an Intermediate level for those wanting to go deeper into their spiritual growth -You’ll access:
  • The two audio’s offered in level one plus two PDF modules designed to guide you step-by-step through your unique path of Spiritual Awakening with experiential exercises that allow for expansion of your consciousness and the discovery of your true being.
  • They have been created to stand alone, however, there is much value in accessing all the material. You will learn how to come into the awareness of who you are, the real purpose of your soul, and to become a conscious thinker, how to stop living on auto-pilot, and discover the tools to unlocking the keys to a purpose driven life and awaken your lightbody!





  • Created for those wanting to go deeper into their spiritual growth, with personal guidance, clearings, and activations from Dr. Edwige – You’ll access:
  • All that is offered in both Levels one and two along with a LIVE interactive Webinar with Dr. Edwige every month.
  • Dr. Edwige is the bridge between heaven and earth here to help us tap into these realms and to make it happen.  As she embodies the Cosmic Mother, she is here to assist and guide us through the process of ascension: Where our 3rd-dimensional consciousness can be shifted to align with our body of light in the higher realms.

With continued work done in each LIVE webinar, you will be able to reach a state of bliss as we:


  • Facilitate the releasing of limiting beliefs, and programs such as sabotage and fear that are seeded in the cellular memory within our four bodies: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. These memories can stem from both on and off planet incarnations. We will be able to clear imprints from past life karma.
  • Feel where in your body you hold resistance and clear it.
  • Clear at a cellular level, re-wire your neurons and activate your DNA.
  • Remove emotional blocks, such as heart walls, lift veils and remove attachments.
  • Physical pain, trauma, and misalignments
  • Call back your power
  • Multi-dimensional chakra clearing
  • Inner child and other relationships


  • Raise your frequency and bring you into the flow of Universal Source.
  • Activate Light Codes and your Divine Blueprint, thus opening the way for your Light Body.
  • Increase your energy, balance, and harmony
  • Align you to Higher Perspectives, inner guidance, and Soul purpose
  • Master Universal Laws of allowing, forgiveness, unconditional love and more
  • Step into your power, self-worth and Light
  • Activate abundance frequencies
Dr Edwige teleseminars and Events from the LightBody Academy