Experience a unique opportunity to work with Dr. Edwige during each live webinar. During them, you will learn to come together as One Voice, One Heartbeat, One Consciousness, One Energy and One Goal. For when more than one person comes together connecting with the Divine Universe, something magical happens. Your Spiritual energy joins with their Spiritual energy and unites to form a collective energy of the group.

Each webinar is designed to elevate your vibration by harnessing the magical power of the group. With focused energy, we can accelerate individual growth, healing, and miracles. I have prepared monthly webinars to help you move forward from wherever you are today toward where you aspire to be and into your Light Body! You will Unlock the door to unlimited possibilities! Transmute, Transform, Transfigure yourself, your life, your dreams!


Release old programs of lack, fear, guilt, shame, self-worth, and poverty

Begin to align with your original agreement made with Infinite Source

Expand the light of your True Sovereign Inner Self

Energy Boost



Forgiving yourself and others can be very difficult sometimes: especially if you are operating on a lower state of consciousness. Realize that in order to rise up, advance, and become a more conscious being, you must be compassionate and forgiving towards yourself and others. Any hateful thoughts or pent up negative emotions or resentments that you may be holding need to be released. Negative thoughts and emotions can easily lower your level of consciousness if you do not practice compassion and forgiveness.

In the manifested universe, only the use of forgiveness can facilitate the transmutation of unperfected energies. The sincere pardon of your own mistakes in addition to the errors and faults of others acts as a magic gift that liberates releases and heals situations and events in the lives of all of those involved.

You benefit immensely when you choose to forgive and so does everyone around you. Whether you need to forgive others or need to forgive yourself, doing so sets you free from the past and enables you to fulfill your true potential. Forgiveness allows you to break free from limiting beliefs and attitudes. It frees up your mental and emotional energies so that you can apply them to creating a better life.

Without exercising forgiveness, one will not experience transformation. Without transformation, there is no evolution.

Join me this month as we learn to master the Art of Forgiveness


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