Experience a unique opportunity to work with Dr. Edwige during each live webinar. During them, you will learn to come together as One Voice, One Heartbeat, One Consciousness, One Energy and One Goal. For when more than one person comes together connecting with the Divine Universe, something magical happens. Your Spiritual energy joins with their Spiritual energy and unites to form a collective energy of the group.

Each webinar is designed to elevate your vibration by harnessing the magical power of the group. With focused energy, we can accelerate individual growth, healing, and miracles. I have prepared monthly webinars to help you move forward from wherever you are today toward where you aspire to be and into your Light Body! You will Unlock the door to unlimited possibilities! Transmute, Transform, Transfigure yourself, your life, your dreams!


Release old programs of lack, fear, guilt, shame, self-worth, and poverty

Begin to align with your original agreement made with Infinite Source

Expand the light of your True Sovereign Inner Self

Energy Boost



As 12/12 approaches we are reminded that this time is about advanced consciousness and an opportunity to see and travel into other dimensions, truly it’s about becoming your multi-dimensional selves.
The energies that we have been feeling are some of the most important ones we’ve felt so far on a collective level. It’s the most highly advanced energies we’ve embodied because we’ve never reached this far, so we’ve never had to feel this at its truest core up until now!

During my live broadcast, we will connect to the 12/12 activated portal of energy. Here we will be given the opportunity to strengthen our light bodies and the field of energy around us. It is also a time to strengthen the choice you made on 11/11 of stepping forward with you Higher-God-Mind and of reclaiming your own true spiritual essence.

As we move towards the Solstice on 12/21, we do so unitedly and finally balanced in our own divine feminine/masculine energies. Ready to stand with Mother Earth offering her our love and full support.

And so there will be a second live broadcast this month; on 12/21 for this December Solstice is where the “rubber meets the road” if you will, for it is the point that decides the planetary outcome once and for all.

So as we gather, we will do so as one voice, one vibration of the highest and purest frequencies of light and love and infuse that with the heart of the Divine Mother Earth.

I hope that you are moved to join me on both days!

12/12 will be $57 dollars and for those participating you will be able to join with me on 12/21 for $11 more.

It is time dear ones, for this is the time that you have been waiting for. Are you ready to be the change?


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