Experience a unique opportunity to work with Dr. Edwige during each live webinar. During them, you will learn to come together as One Voice, One Heartbeat, One Consciousness, One Energy and One Goal. For when more than one person comes together connecting with the Divine Universe, something magical happens. Your Spiritual energy joins with their Spiritual energy and unites to form a collective energy of the group.

Each webinar is designed to elevate your vibration by harnessing the magical power of the group. With focused energy, we can accelerate individual growth, healing, and miracles. I have prepared monthly webinars to help you move forward from wherever you are today toward where you aspire to be and into your Light Body! You will Unlock the door to unlimited possibilities! Transmute, Transform, Transfigure yourself, your life, your dreams!


Release old programs of lack, fear, guilt, shame, self-worth, and poverty

Begin to align with your original agreement made with Infinite Source

Expand the light of your True Sovereign Inner Self

Energy Boost



Why is one man sad and another man happy? Why is one man joyous and prosperous and another man poor and miserable? Why is one man fearful and anxious and another full of faith and confidence? Why does one man have a beautiful, luxurious home while another man lives out a meager existence in a slum? Why is one woman happily married and her sister very unhappy and frustrated? Is there an answer to these questions in the workings of your conscious and subconscious minds? There most certainly is.

The law of life is the law of belief, and belief could be summed up briefly as a thought in your mind. As a man thinks, feels, and believes, so is the condition of his mind, body, and circumstances.

Everyone desires health, happiness, security, peace of mind, true expression, but many fail to achieve clearly defined results.

You can bring into your life more power, more wealth, more health, more happiness, and more joy by learning to contact and release the hidden power of your subconscious mind. You need not acquire this power; you already possess it. But, you want to learn how to use it; you want to understand it so that you can apply it in all areas of your life.

Within your subconscious is the solution to every problem and the cause for every effect.

Join me this month and discover how to become a conscious creator!


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